Covered Porch in Olympia, WA

Customer Testimonial:

5 / 5 stars
I highly recommend Adam Laneer and his crew of project leaders, carpenters, skilled laborer and sub contractors. From the beginning of our dream project Adam helped us imagine what was possible and patiently guided us to developing a solid plan. As we entered into construction he was flexible as our ideas evolved and solidified. We always felt he was there for us trying to deliver the product that was going to give us the greatest satisfaction. His crew, lead by project leader Tom, was outstanding. The back office people were always there to answer questions and explain billing and change order costs. The on-site workers were great people and very professional skilled craftsmen. Our primary carpenter, Dutch, was a first rate carpenter. The sub contractors that Adam has chosen to work with were equally professional and delivered superior workmanship. Overall our experience with Adam Laneer construction was outstanding. We highly recommend his company to anyone looking for a rock solid, reliable, and competent contractor to deliver an excellent product.”